83b election

When and Why You Should File an 83(b) Election

One of our clients was being granted restricted stock from his employer, something that he had never been offered before. He was very excited about the prospect of this executive compensation until he began to talk about the tax implications. “When I become fully vested in this restricted stock program, I will pay income tax…

how are incentive stock options taxed

How Are Incentive Stock Options Taxed?

When it comes to incentive stock options, you have some favorable tax treatment on your side. However, you have to consider the burden of alternative minimum tax. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s a closer look at how incentive stock options are taxed and what those tax implications could mean for your overall financial plan.

Are charitable trusts tax exempt

Are Charitable Trusts Tax Exempt?

Many times, in working with top-level executives, the conversation of charitable gifting will lead us into the realm of charitable trusts and whether or not they are a good fit for your estate plan. One question many executives have is: Are charitable trusts tax exempt? Here’s a closer look at that question.