Charitable Giving Tax Strategies for Executives to Consider

5 Effective Charitable Giving Tax Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals

When many people think of making a charitable donation, their mind immediately goes to pulling out the checkbook to make that gift. However, there are other methods that can be tax efficient for high net worth individuals, making them a “win-win” for the charity and the executive. Here’s a closer look at five charitable giving tax strategies to consider. When implemented with an experienced wealth manager, these strategies can help you to maximize your charitable donation and lessen your tax burden at the same time.

how to report exercise of nonqualified stock options

How to Report the Exercise of Non-Qualified Stock Options on Your Tax Return

Tax Day. While some people embrace the fact that it comes every year like clockwork, others dread it. Bidding adieu to another year’s filing deadline, for many, means an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and to not have to think about it again for another year. As an executive financial advisor, however, the topic of taxes is never far from my mind. When I’m consulting my clients, a top priority is always how the decisions we make will affect their tax situation.